Between 15-17th November 2019 the preparation workshop of the Venice Architecture Biennale's Hungarian Pavilion has taken place in Budapest. 10 architectural studios came together from, among others, Tallin, Bucharest, Belgrade and Prague to improve the international, collaborated exhibition.

Photo: József Rosta, Ludwig Museum

It was in April 2019 that the Ludwig Museum - Museum of Contemporary Art announced the curatorial competition for the Hungarian Pavilion of Venice Architecture Biennale. In this August the jury, led by Julia Fabényi, chose the project of curator Dániel Kovács and the curatorial team, Attila Csóka, Szabolcs Molnár and Dávid Smiló, "Othernity. Reconditioning our Modern Heritage" as a winner. The concept invites 12 architectural studios from CEE to redesign 12 modern buildings of Budapest, combining the region's shared historical experience with the fresh knowledge of young and internationally aware architects.

Out of the 12 participant offices 10 took part in the workshop: A-A Collective (Poland / Denmark / Switzerland), Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop (Hungary), BUDCUD (Poland), b210 (Estonia), KONNTRA (Slovenia / North Macedonia / Croatia), MADA (Serbia), Paradigma Ariadné (Hungary), PLURAL (Slovakia), Vojtěch Rada (Czech Republic) and Studio Act (Romania). [Two of the invited studios, RLOALUARNAD (Estonia / UK) and MNPL WORKSHOP (Ukraine) couldn't participate in the event in Budapest.]

As part of the workshop the foreign architects coming over to Budapest got to visit the buildings which they will redesign, then during a public event at KÉK - Contemporary Architecture Centre they had the chance to present their works and their studio to the audience. During the intensive workshop-days the 22 architects developed detailed ideas for the projects to be exhibited. These plans were presented by them to the invited guests: Katharina Roters artist, András Weiszkopf (BME Faculty of Architecture) and the curators of the Viennese MAGAZIN architectural gallery, Jerome Becker and Matthias Moroder. The three-day long collaborated work was effective and passed in a good mood. Further discussions will be made online; according to the plans the next meeting will be in May 2020, at the opening ceremony of the Biennale.

The program was organized by the Othernity team (Dániel Kovács, Attila Csóka, Szabolcs Molnár, Dávid Smiló, Laura Sütöri) and the Ludwig Museum - Museum of Contemporary Art. The workshop is kindly supported by the Association of Hungarian Architects, the Czech Centre Budapest, the Estonian Institute, the Polish Institute, the Romanian Cultural Institute and the Slovak Institute in Budapest.