As part of the workshop, the event „Long time no CEE” was held at KÉK - Contemporary Architecture Centre. During the program the participants presented their architectural office and the current state of their work prepared for the Biennale.

Cover: Marcell Kazsik

What kind of common and unique dilemmas, working methods are typical of the region's architects? Is there a shared, regional identity in Central and Eastern Europe? How does the built environment influence contemporary architecture? What is the best way to interact with our architectural heritage and how is it possible to live along with it?

In 2020, based on the decision of the organizing Ludwig Museum Budaptest, the Venice Architecture Biennale’s Hungarian Pavilion is going to present "Otherity. Reconditioning our Modern Heritage", a project by curator Dániel Kovács and the curatorial team of Attila Csóka, Szabolcs Molnár and Dávid Smiló, architects and founders of Paradigma Ariadné. Through their concept they are seeking to find out what lessons could be learn from the often disputed and in many ways obsolete heritage of architectural modernism. They asked 12 architecture offices to redesign 12 iconic modern buildings of Budapest. The plans offer alternatives to reconcile past and future architecture.

Photo: Dániel Kovács

But what do the architects have in common? Among other things they are all young and have their own studio. They primarily work for the local, national market but they follow international tendencies which is easily noticeable based on their experimental plans and on the fresh visual language they have. They furthermore understand the dilemmas concerning the CEE’s architectural heritage. During the event 10 of the project’s participating architecture offices introduced themselves and presented the current status of their plans for the Biennale. The performers showed 20-20 slides, each one for 20 seconds.


A-A Collective (Poland / Denmark / Switzerland)
Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop (Hungary)
BUDCUD (Poland)
b210 (Estonia)
KONNTRA (Slovenia / North Macedonia / Croatia)
MADA (Serbia)
Paradigma Ariadné (Hungary)
PLURAL (Slovakia)
Vojtěch Rada (Czech Republic)
Studio Act (Romania)

The presentation was part of the international workshop held in 15-17 November in Budapest. The workshop was kindly supported by the Association of Hungarian Architects, the Czech Centre, the Estonian Institute, the Polish Institute, the Romanian Cultural Institute and the Slovak Institute.