The curatorial team of Othernity organized two public discussions, related to the topics of the Hungarian pavilion, on 28 August, 2021, as part of the Curators Collective Midissage. The two events involve several exhibitors of the pavilion and curators from inside and outside the Biennale.

Othernity – Collaboration of emerging architectural practices from the CEE

Public discussion involving the participating architects of the pavilion

Saturday 28 August 2021, 10:00 – Hungarian Pavilion, Giardini

The Hungarian pavilion exhibits works by 12 practices from 9 different countries this year. During this discussion, exhibitors talk about their experiences in the collaborative process and the development of the exhibition.

Collaboration, Cooperation, Cohabitation – Possible Futures for the Biennale

Public discussion

Saturday 28 August 2021, 11:00 Hungarian Pavilion, Giardini

Discussion on international collaborations in the national pavilions, and possible alternative futures for the Biennale. Participating: Hae-Won Shin (Korean Pavilion), PROLOG+1 (Polish Pavilion), Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli (Russian Pavilion), Daniel Tudor Munteanu and Davide Tommaso Ferrando (Unfolding Pavilion), Othernity curatorial team (Hungarian Pavilion).

The events are part of the Curators Collective Midissage.

The events can be visited with valid entry tickets. 

Starting from 6th August 2021, with the exception of children under 12 years of age and visitors who are exempt from it, all ticket holders must present an EU Covid Certificate (Green Pass) or equivalent certificate recognized by the Italian State to access the 17th International Architecture Exhibition.

An EU Covid Certificate (Green Pass) or equivalent certificate is proof that a person has either been vaccinated against Covid-19, or received the first dose of a vaccine requiring two, or recovered from Covid-19, or received a negative PCR or rapid antigen test result in the previous 48 hours. Visitors must present a valid ID together with the certificate. 

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